Monday, January 26, 2009

Super Bowl weekend: Sat., Jan. 31, @ 1 p.m.

Thanks to all who came out on Sunday.

We're moving back to Saturday this week, and we'll play again at 25th and N.


  1. is the adams morgan field less likely to have people on it on a Saturday? I don't know if we can count on a bitter cold front to keep the field empty like our last saturday at 25th and N.

  2. Adams Morgan is reliably empty on Saturdays all year-long. 25th and N tends to have a lot of league play stuff at it. But Im willing to continue using that field until we get kicked off. We could always make a last minute move to Adams Morgan if enough of us have cars/bikes.

  3. Let's give it one more week at least at 25th and N and go from there.

    The long-term plan includes buying flags, breaking into teams, moving to the Mall and keeping some semblance of ridiculous stats. (You throw three or more INTs, you buy a six-pack for the person who catches three or more TDs, etc.)

  4. Pretty sure you can't reserve the 25th and N field and that it is first come first serve. I may be wrong though. There is another field just across the P street bridge into Georgetown that is almost as big and no one uses that we could take a look at as well.